Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Unlike what I expected, I made a blog but I am not adding short comments everynow and then as planned.
So I am adding this paragraph just to convince myself that It was a good idea to make a blog
A very short update about the current situation:

First of all, you all heard that the constitution was finally signed. I read it all, and it sounds good. IF IT IS FOLLOWED. Because as far as I know, the constitution that we used to have was good enough, but nobody followed it.

Electricity got much better ranging from 12-16 hours a day. Lets hope it will not get worse.

Finally we got a mobile service, but it cannot be any worse. So far the quality of service, makes it almost useless, plus very the high rates.

For those who had read my last message, Let me update your information: We now have a new type (color) of fuel, it is dark brown and its very good...very rare...and very expensive. But it is good.

Since I plan for this to be a short update, let me keep it to good news for a change.

So thats it and take care